About Us


Our purpose is to actively facilitate relationships and interactions between commerce, community, and art education.  We aim to increase the cohesion between these elements to strengthen the  arts in West Michigan and its economic corollaries.


Unite diverse groups of people, foster on-going expressive dialog and excitement about neighborhood artists and their work, and support the economic viability of local commerce under the banner of art accessibility, literacy, and appreciation.


To enable environments to be a source of support for all artists so that they may engage all audiences for the purpose of fostering vibrant communities that boost culture, commerce, and art credentials.   


ArtXchangeGR is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is 100% owned and operated by local artrepreneurs.   ArtXchange LLC was founded by Adrianne Houser in 2017.  As the daughter of an artist, Adrianne's affinity for the arts was natural and nurtured while growing up in Detroit, MI.  At the start of her senior year in high school, Adrianne and her family moved to West Michigan where she attended Forest Hills Public Schools and met her best friends Erica and Jenny.  Adrianne went on to earn a Bachelor's degree from Aquinas College and a Master's Degree from Grand Valley State University.   She is the proud mother of two amazing children, Dexter & Daeja.   She is also a professional belly dancer and instructor with Belly Dance Grand Rapids.  

Adrianne attributes her success to the arts and the courage, persistence, and problem-solving principles inherent in creativity.  This breakthrough in her own life and understanding the vital role art plays in helping one find answers to life's challenges has inspired to her start ArtXchange and use it to champion the "Art Everywhere Movement."  


Sara Briggs-Gregzegorski, Jake Gregzegorski,  Jamey Lambers, Danis Houser, and Colleen O'Rourke. 


Adrianne Houser, Founder and CEO 

Steven Reynolds, Operations Manager  

Founder & Ceo

Adrianne Houser

Adrianne believes that "all art forms  are a resource for tackling left-brain problems. Creativity is all about re-configuring original ideas, opening one’s mind to that which is seemingly fruitless, and synthesizing unrelated things to come up with new possibilities and eureka moments."   ArtXchange was born because Adrianne believes that the arts can help everyone create the world in which they want to live.