dave weindorf


I'm a self-taught abstract expressionist painter from Grand Rapids. My work has progressed quite a bit over the past three years, as I've had the opportunity create a lot of work and evolve. My wife's patronage and assistance has allowed me to have a number of exhibitions such as at the UICA, Lowell Arts Gallery, Art.Downtown and ArtPrize. I recently exhibited in Amsterdam at an international group show. Upcoming exhibitions include the Marzia Frozen Gallery in Berlin, Verum Ultimum Gallery in Portland, Oregon and The Second Avenue Arts Fall Collectors Show. Earlier this year I was accepted by the Agora Gallery in New York as one of their artists, with an exhibition this November called "Metamorphosis." My work has been featured as an Art Slant abstract showcase winner for the last four rounds this year. Studio Visit Magazine jurors have selected my work for three of their volumes covering 2017-2018. I'm continually evolving, being fortunate to have the time to commit to my practice to explore and develop ideas and inspirations that influence me. 


Mixed Media


I've always been fascinated by hieroglyphics and cave art. My artwork reflects my interest in those cultures, their art and writings. I work with watercolor, stain, and acrylic enamel to layer marks of color, line work and abstract glyphs. Oftentimes I begin by studying Egyptian symbols or Viking runes, and that begins my process. I also like to just start working on a background, letting it develop and flow from there 

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