chris phillips


I have had the good fortune of growing up in a family that supported my interest in art, had amazing art teachers in the Universities I attended and taught in a school district that understood the importance of Art.  After a third bout with cancer, I was unable to work any longer. I had always identified myself as an art teacher and needed to reinvent myself.  My first goal was to regain the use of my hands. Through a wonderful series of events, I was introduced to the nature based paintings of the Contemporary Aboriginal artists from the Northern Territories of Australia.  It was because of the inspirational beauty of their work that I was able to, over several months, regain the ability to paint again.  As with anyone 60 years of age or older, my story is long.  So I am keeping this short and want to express my thanks for taking the time to view my artwork! 


 Painting - Acrylic 


My paintings are meant as a thank you to the Contemporary Aboriginal artists of Australia.   Their work has given me the motivation to regain the use of my hands, damaged from  intense chemotherapy.  I am forever grateful and will continue to paint in their honor as well as the recognition of all who have gone through seemingly insurmountable trials. 

The healing power of Art! Priceless! 

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