"The most common money-related mistake artists make is a reluctance to invest in their own careers."

- Caroll Michels  

Artists Membership Form

“A Best American City for Creatives”

- Thrillist   

Get connected to one of the world's most vibrant artists community!

Artists Collaboration

ArtXchange Artists Members receive access to exclusive events and can connect with other artist members for joint projects or to just vibe.  

Social Media Promotion

Artists members are promoted on our website, social media platforms, and in the venues artwork is placed. 

Community Engagement

See your work all around town.  As an ArtXchangeGR artist, you will have the opportunities to gain exposure and have your work exhibited in venues throughout West Michigan.

Art Assist

Whether you need help creating your CV, branding, or marketing your artwork, get professional assistance on almost any project.  

Revenue Possibilities

ArtXchange and the artist share income generated from rentals, sales, and commissioned projects.  

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 ArtXchangeGR Artist Membership is a FREE. Membership is FREE because we believe art belongs to the community and its people. We believe that art is a key element to the economic vitality and relationship building between residents, businesses, and artists.    

Through memberships, we aim to broadcast and preserve this community’s unique art culture and to manifest the “Art Everywhere Movement.    

Join our artist's variety today and take advantage of great member benefits and opportunities.   Visit the Artist Membership page to register.